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The French Press Project 3

So today my new french coffee press arrived and is it crazy to say that I am excited like a little child on Christmas? I brewed my first cups of … Continue reading

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Thunderstorms and Coffee

I am sitting in my livingroom…the lights are out, all of them. The dogs are lying at my feet, listening to the approaching thunderstorm. The clouds get darker and darker, … Continue reading

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Sang Choy Bow / Asian Lettuce Cups

Originally posted on Daily Gluttony:
Let me start this by saying that in noway is this a traditional recipe, however it is delicious! Also, I am unsure if the correct…

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Coffee Traditions

  Good morning to all of you out there! So today I thought I’d write about coffee traditions…a little look back into the past. Where does coffee actually come from … Continue reading

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Bulletproof Coffee

  Wow…So I stumbled upon this “recipe” for bulletproof coffee…it’s said to be healthier and actually really energizing. It is coffee with butter in it…yep. I really haven’t heard this … Continue reading

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The French Press Project Take 2

So I came up with that idea of the French Press Project. Now you want to ask me what that is, right? Let me tell you: I basically grew up … Continue reading

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The French Press Project

I am now officially starting my French Press Project. More to come soon….have a great Friday and Weekend you guys!

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