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Not Coffee…But Dogs


So I am thinking now: What makes us happy? Obviously I sometimes just need a great cup of great coffee…but there’s more to it, right? There is health, there is family, there is friends and – there is dogs!

I found myself enjoying the smallest things in life…like having drinks with some friends or playing with my dogs. It is not always about money and a great career, it is about smiles and hysterical laughs.

And how can you not love the furry friends with warm soft paws? It starts right after you got out of bed on a warm Sunday morning. Of course, one of the first things you’re gonna do is pour yourself a big mugΒ  of that strong Breakfast Blend…and then?

You notice something soft and hairy at your leg…you look down…and hey! There’s your labrador staring at you with those huge brown eyes. Beautiful. Irresistable. Loving.

So you sip another bit of that great coffee and then you try to find the yellow tennis ball your dog loves to play with. Where did he put it this time? After you have crawled and crouched on the floor to see where that ball is hiding, you finally get to play with that pup of yours.

And it is pure love. L.O.V.E. The pup is happy, jumping around, licking your face (because he thinks you like having your face cleaned by a huge wet dog tongue) and you yourself are all smiles. Even without coffee, without something fancy or expensive. One on one time with your dog. Irreplacable.


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