The Starbucks Blog – Or: Why We Love Coffee So Much

The great wide world of coffee and lifestyle

5305402150_ffeb269cbd_oI just got back from a home improvement store and wanted to enjoy a nice little cup of coffee at the bakery near my home. I was really looking forward to it…it is a hot day, I was exhausted and just wanted to relax a bit, enjoy the sun rays on my skin. And what happened was that I got the worst cup of coffee I had in a while.

I mean, not just bad coffee. Really really bad coffee. The kind of coffee you wouldn’t even want your grumpy old neighbor to have.

What to do in such a situation? Well, I smiled at the bakery guy…friendly…trying to look pleased and happy…as if I were drinking the best caffeine in the world.

“Enjoying your coffee Ms.?”


After I left I had the strong feeling I had to flush my whole mouth with the strongest Listerine I could find.

So coffee is not always good coffee. Who would have thought that…


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