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Wow…So I stumbled upon this “recipe” for bulletproof coffee…it’s said to be healthier and actually really energizing. It is coffee with butter in it…yep. I really haven’t heard this before although it may seem logical to some people (?). You should really see my face right now…

Anyway. So this coffee with butter thing…it is said to be healthier than the usual coffee cream and really keeps you awake and fired up for at least six hours afterwards. That is not something I get from my usual cup of coffee, right?

People who sport a Bulletproof coffee in the morning claim that it has not as much toxins as other kinds of coffee and doesn’t actually make you weak like them. Well.

Hm. So you have to brew up that cup of caffeine…and then use unsalted butter, then you also add some oil (again, you should see my face right now) for “max energy” and then, well, shake it baby! You are supposed to blend it with a pre heated hand blender and shake well.

Some even claim that after having had it for the first time, that special cup of coffee, that you will never again wanna eat oatmeal for breakfast, for example…because it is not as healthy as some caffeine with butter mixture.

Now, I don’t want to judge here or claim that Bulletproof coffee is disgusting and not real coffee….I can just speak for myself and tell you this: I have healthy food habits, I love to indulge in veggies and rice with some lean protein, so all over I really eat healthily and not fat or anything, and I exercise many times a week, SO I’ll keep having the unhealthy kinds of coffee…even if it is without sugar…’cause obviously this is also not healthy according to bulletproof fans…..

Anyways. Have a great Saturday.


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